What do we do?


We provide Youth Martial Arts Training (ages 5 to 18 years old) throughout Mendocino County.  We provide structured training for our students and teach them critical life skills such as: respect, focus, perseverance, self-awareness, compassion, and self-discipline. 

We specialize in working with youth who have grown up in highly adverse environments including but not limited to: physical abuse, sexual abuse, neglect, and other highly traumatic experiences.


Who do we work with?


We work with a wide variety of organizations and individuals throughout Mendocino County. A few of the organizations we currently work with include: Tapestry Family Services, Mendocino County Social Services, The Arbor (DFC), Laytonville Healthy Start, Redwood Children’s Services, Ukiah High School, South Valley High School, Pomolita Middle School, and Laytonville Middle School.

In addition, we lead private training programs for parents and children throughout Mendocino County.

What is Aikido?


Aikido is a Japanese martial art that is practical for self-defense while offering a peaceful path to conflict resolution. It can be translated as “The Art of Harmonizing with the Spirit”.

The real essence of aikido is to respond in the moment to the energy of an attack with a relaxed calm movement that allows for the situation to end with the most positive outcome for all parties involved.

We all participate in some form of aikido throughout our day. When you are in an argument, find yourself feeling stressed, feel overwhelmed by the obstacles you face in front of you you are dealing with an attack on your well being. Aikido teaches you to respond to this attack in a manner that instills peace and harmony not only in yourself but in your attacker as well.